A family with cabinetmakers and carpenters and a great–grandfather owner of traditional furniture factory , SALAZAR, located at the corner of Suipacha and MT de Alvear, in Buenos Aires, are the initial contacts of Sebastián Salazar with the furnishing and interior design, then after dedicated to the launch of EL CLUB DEL BUEN BEBER on elgourmet channel TV , became a member of LA MERSA.

Opened in 2006 in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo, La Mersa rescued a style setting out a course in the revaluation of design and aesthetics of the 50s, 60s and 70s, which until then had been nearly forgotten.

In 2014 creates SALAZAR Casa, a nod to his creative forefathers but also the ability to expand the esthetic range to what they were doing in the selection of products and interior design projects with a unique and intuitive look.

For the next couple of years, he got the DARA grant (Associated Argentine Interior Designers) for Estilo Pilar, took part at the annual edition of Casa FOA, the most important Interior Design show from Argentina, and collaborated in the creation of Arenales District, a group of designers and  traders.

His most recently bet, together with his partner Rafael García Fernández, is the open of a new and wider store for Salazar Casa, and the creation of SALAZAR arte, a space in the recognized Rue des Artisans street, wich exquisitely combines exclusive and affordable pieces of art with unique objects and furniture.

In 2015  Rafael García Fernández got on the project as a partner, with the goal of adding all his experience and initiatives, to continue with the grow of the business.